Paco visits Canada and the USA: Paco is in Los Angeles, California


In this topic we are going to revise the Imperative in English, and then we are going to study how to report it, that is, we are going to see commands in reported speech. Finally, we are also learning about the diphthongs /eə/ and /ɪə/.

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Paco has left Canada and has come back to the United States, this time a very different state on the west coast: California. His first stop is Los Angeles. Let's listen to the video about this interesting city and try to complete the information below. Play the video as many times as you need.

  • Los Angeles is also known as the of Angels.
  • California was under the rule of in the past.
  • Hollywood is the of the world.
  • The Chinese Theatre is probably the most famous in the world, built in .
  • On the same street we have the Hollywood .
  • Right next to the Chinese Theatre, we have Theatre, built especifically for the .
  • If you are interested in going to the taping of a sitcom or gameshow, you should buy .
  • Universal Studios is next to the actual movie studios.
  • There is a train which lasts 45 minutes which shows you different sets of .
  • Disneyland is a bit further from the city and opened in .
  • is probably the most luxurious neighborhood in L.A., where many of the celebrities live.
  • If you want to go to the beach, is another very luxurious neighborhood where a lot of celebrities live.
  • Oscars are usually held in or .
  • Some celebrities from L.A. include fashion model Tyra , actors and Leonardo DiCaprio, and actresses , Diane Keaton, and Marilyn Monroe.

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