Paco visits Ireland: Paco visits Dublin


In topic 2, we learned the two main ways of expressing future time in English: 'will' and 'be going to'. In topic 3, we are going to learn two more ways of expressing future time, this time through present tenses: Present Simple and Present Continuous.

We are also going to learn about 'too' and 'enough'.

Concerning vocabulary, we are going to learn about phrasal verbs and we are going to learn some examples with 'get'.

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Paco and his new friend decided to meet one morning to start their tour around Dublin. They had met the night before and talked for ages. They got on really well. Adam, who was Australian, had come to Ireland on a trip around Europe. He had already got around a few countries and Ireland was the last one before returning to Australia and getting back to work.


They went to a nice café next to the bus station and chatted for a while.


ADAM - So what are you visiting these days then?


PACO - Well, I am visiting the main Dublin attractions first of all and, then, I am celebrating St. Patrick's Day on Thursday. Apparently it's a great party all around Dublin. Do you fancy joining me?


ADAM - Sure! I'd love to! Then I'm trying a true Guinness on Thursday. Have you tried it yet?


PACO - It's too strong for me, but I'll try a bit.


ADAM - What about today? I'd also like to see Dublin first, maybe starting with Trinity College. Are we going together?


PACO - Yes! I'm very interested in visiting Trinity College and seeing the Book of Kells.


ADAM - What's that?


PACO - It is one of Ireland's most important treasures, kept and displayed at Trinity College Library. It's a manuscript in Latin with numerous ornamental motifs.


ADAM - And a lot of famous writers attended this college, isn't that right?


PACO - Yes. Swift, Wilde, or Beckett for example.


ADAM - Before we go, I'm checking the bus timetables. My hotel isn't near enough so I really need this information.


PACO - Why didn't you get a hotel in the city centre?


ADAM - Because it was too expensive. I spent a lot of money travelling around Europe and now I haven't got enough money for a better hotel. Here are some leaflets. This is my bus and... these are the last buses...

By joelgoodman, C. Commons

PACO - So what time does the last bus leave?


ADAM -It leaves at... 10.30 pm. Great! No problem.

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Self-Assessment activity
Read the text and decide if the following statements are true or false:

1. This is the first time Paco and Adam met after the bus tour.

Verdadero Falso

2. Adam lives and studies in Australia.

Verdadero Falso

3. They are planning to visit Dublin together.

Verdadero Falso

4. Paco is willing to try a true Guinness.

Verdadero Falso

5. The Book of Kells is a very important Irish treasure kept in Trinity College Library.

Verdadero Falso
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