Paco visits Canada and the USA: Paco is in San Francisco


In this topic we are going to study another type of reported speech, this time, we are going to focus on statements. Then we are also learning some vocabulary related to animals and we are writing an opinion essay.

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Paco has now arrived in San Francisco. What places can he visit there? Watch the following video and then do the activity below:

Write the number of these top five things to do in San Francisco with their descriptions below:

  1. Golden Gate Bridge
  2. Alcatraz Island
  3. Fishermans Wharf
  4. Cable Cars
  5. Golden Gate Park


is over three miles long.

is located in the middle of San Francisco Bay.

is known for its historic waterfront, seafood and shopping.

are an accepted mode of daily transportation for residents.

draws more than a million visitors every year.

defines San Francisco.

was the largest suspension bridge in 1937.

offers some of the most incredible views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge.

provide transportation to many of the city's most popular areas.

is the second longest suspension bridge in the USA.

is a place to pay, relax and grow.


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