3. The girl said that it was a wonderful place

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Let's study the following examples:

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"I'm taking this cake to my grandma tomorrow", she said.

She said that she was taking that cake to her grandma the following day.

What changes have we made in the reported statement?

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Remember the changes we normally have to do with verbs (one step back):


Present Simple

Present Continuous

Past Simple

Present Perfect



Past Simple

Past Continuous

Past Perfect

Past Perfect




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Transform the following statements into reported speech:

1. "I will buy you a present", she promised him.

She promised him that .

2. "I saw the thief coming out of this shop", she said.

She said that .

3. "I can run the marathon today", she said.

She said that .

4. "We're staying at home tonight", they told us.

They told us that .

5. "I have just arrived here", he said.

He said that .

6. "We live in London", he said.

He said that .


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Practice reported statements by doing these exercises:

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Exercise 3


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Did you know that Alcatraz was once a prison?

Alcatraz Island, as you have learned in this topic, is located in the San Francisco Bay. It is also called 'The Rock', and has been used as a lighthouse, as a military fortification and as a prison. It has been such an important jail that many films and books have used it in their plots. Well-known criminals have been imprisoned in Alcatraz, such as Al Capone in 1934.

Nowadays, the island is a historic site open to the public.

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