Paco visits Canada and the USA: Paco arrives in Ottawa


In this topic we are learning about modal verbs, their form and the different meanings they can express. Then we are studying defining relative clauses and, finally, we are going to have a look at reported speech, at this stage, orders and statements.

It may seem a dense topic, but don't worry! As usual, in topic 1, the main objective is to be able to identify and recognize all these forms, and in subsequent topics you will learn more about them. Let's begin!

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Self-Assessment activity

Watch this introductory video to Toronto and then decide if the statements below are true or false.

1. According to the images, Toronto is multicultural.

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2. 5.5 million people live in Toronto.

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3. There isn't any cultural life in Toronto.

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4. There is universal Health Care.

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5. Toronto is the capital of Ontario.

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Let's begin start the topic in detail!