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The Past Simple tense is one of the most common tenses in English. Its form is the same with all subjects (I, she, they, etc). It can be formed in one of these two forms:

a) in a regular way: adding -ED to the verb.

b) in an irregular way: every verb has a particular form for the Past Simple. There is no rule to know it. You have to learn it. 

As said before, topic 2 is about the Past Simple tense in affirmative and negative sentences. We will also study the Past Simple with the particle ago and the structure used to, which in Spanish means solía.

Obviously, both regular and irregular verbs are included in this topic.

As for phonetics, we will learn the pronunciation of the past ending -ed: /d/ - /t/ - /id/

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This video is very good for you to get an idea of the Past Simple Tense in English, either regular or irregular verbs. Follow the explanations below and notice the use of the Past Simple in context.

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Great Britain includes:
England, Scotland, Ireland
Wales, Northern Ireland, England
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
The capital city is:
The flag is called:
Stars and stripes
The Union Jack
The Crossed One
The flag is:
Red, white and green
Red, white and yellow
White, blue and red
The symbol of England is:
A rose
A leek
A thistle
The symbol of Wales is:
A rose
A leek
A thistle
The symbol of Scotland is:
A rose
A leek
A thistle

How much do you know about Great Britain?

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The Monarchy
The Queen of Great Britain is Elizabeth II. Her husband is Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. They have got four children. They are Anne, Charles, Andrew and Edward. Charles is the heir to the throne.
The Buckingham Palace in London. Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom.
By Misterweiss. Public domain
By Nasa. Public domain

You can see the Queen on money and stamps. She lives in Buckingham Palace. As a Queen she often wears a crown. The Crown Jewels are in the Tower of London. There are 38 guardians called Beefeaters. They wear a traditional Tudor uniform. There are also some ravens flying around the tower. According to the legend at least six ravens must remain or both the tower and the monarchy will fall.

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A good introduction to the Past Simple. Explanations of the Past Simple of be, have, do and other verbs.
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