Paco travels to Southeast Asia: Hong Kong: The fragrant harbour

In this unit we will deepen in the study of some special cases for conditional sentences such as inversions or the use of other connectors like "provided/providing (that), as long as or unless". Finally we will work on how to write an opinion essay.

Definitely Hong Kong is Paco's last destination in Asia. He has just arrived in Hong Kong International Airport with his new French friends. They are now travelling on the Airport Express train to Hong Kong Island...


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Here Paco is, comfortably seated in a modern train towards Hong Kong Island with three French planning what to do in the next three days in this crowded town...

Airport express
By Baycrest Creative commons
While the French are speaking in their native language, Paco is attentive to the signs in the train. He finds one of them specially difficult to translate. It says: 'Were you to take the ferry, you would have to buy the ticket before at the ticket office in the harbour'. Just at that moment he listens to the train speakers saying something that he cannot understand very well, either: ' station Kowloon town, should you travel to China, get off the train here'.

Then Eric interrupts:

Eric: We can lodge in a Hostel around Causeway Bay, where I stayed last time I was here. We could book two twin rooms provided that there were any vacancies.

Paco: It's OK for me.

Marie: Oui, this is a very good area to explore the city from. We may walk around unless it rains a lot because the weather forecast predicts heavy rain in the evening.

Brigitte: Don't worry about the rain. As long as it rains we can travel by tram, there is an excellent tram network in this city.

Eric: I know, you are always so lazy to walk!


The two sentences in bold are too difficult for Paco to understand, why?

In the passage there are three connectors functioning as in conditional sentences, can you identify them?

Self-Assessment activity
Say if the following questions are true or false:

Not a lot of people live in Hong Kong.

Verdadero Falso

You cannot travel by ferry connecting the Airport Express train.

Verdadero Falso

Kowloon is the final station if you continue traveling to China.

Verdadero Falso

If it rains heavily, they will walk around.

Verdadero Falso
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