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In this topic we are going to deal with the passive voice again. This time we will revise briefly what we have studied in topic 3 and then we will concentrate on the passive voice with modal verbs.

Concerning vocabulary, we are going to learn numerous expressions or collocations which go either with 'do' or 'make'.

Finally, we will focus on three diphthongs: /aɪ/, /ɛɪ/and /ɔɪ/.

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In this topic we need to revise the passive voice that we have already studied in topic 3. The reason is we are going to see another type of passive voice: with modal verbs.

To introduce the topic, we are going to start with a very easy and entertaining task. Listen to the song and identify one example of passive sentence. If you can't distinguish it, read the lyrics in 'click here'.


Don't forget the song! Later on we will come back to it!

Let's start the topic in depth! It's short! We are starting with the passive voice. Come on!