Paco has decided to visit Sierra Leone and Kenya: Kenya: a new adventure


In this topic we are going to focus on the differences between Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous, also having a look at the words 'for' and 'since'. Then, we will focus on the modal verbs 'must', 'have to' and 'needn't'.

The next point will be expressions with the verb 'to be'. And finally we will have a look at the structures 'be used to' and 'get used to'.

Concerning vocabulary, we will see words related to wild animals.


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Paco has just started a new adventure. He has flown to Kenya because he has decided to experience an African safari. Although hunting in Andalusia has been very popular for many years, Paco would not like to kill an animal. He just wants to see the amazing fauna and flora.

He has arrived at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, which is situated about 20 km from Nairobi city centre. Paco has decided to stay in the capital city of Kenya for a couple of days first and, then, experience the safari adventure. There are many choices for accommodation. He has booked a hotel in Nairobi and later on he will join an organized safari group. As Paco is on his own, he thinks it will be a better idea. He will sleep in a camp for a few days, surrounded by the amazing views and hearing the noises of wild animals.

In the hotel room, he has been watching documentaries about Kenya since he arrived, and he has been reading about the different wildlife reserves for over an hour, all of them containing numerous animal species. He has learned there are many options but, finally, he has chosen to go to Maasai Mara, a large park reserve, which is in fact the continuation of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

He has also learned a few interesting facts. For example, the country's name, Kenya, comes from Mount Kenya, which is the highest mountain in the country and the second highest peak in Africa (after Kilimanjaro). It has also been an important landmark for a long time.

The name of the reserve Paco has chosen to visit, Maasai Mara, is called like that because the Maasai people inhabit the place and the river Mara crosses this region. These people are semi-nomadic and one of the most important tribes. The two official languages in Kenya are Swahili and English so, again, Paco won't have any problems in communicating with the native people. It's such a good thing to speak English!

By Kalense Kid, C. Commons

Read the text and identify all the examples of Present Perfect Simple and Continuous that you can find in the text.

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Read the text again and decide if the following statements are true or false:

1. Paco has decided to go hunting for the first time.

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2. Paco is experiencing the safari on his own.

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3. He will stay in a hotel in Nairobi first.

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4. He is going to visit Maasai Mara park reserve.

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5. Mount Kenya is the highest peak in Africa.

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6. The Maasai people live in that region.

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You've seen examples of Present Perfect Simple and Continuous in this section. In the next section we are going to focus on their forms. Let's start!