Paco has decided to visit Sierra Leone and Kenya: Still in Africa


In this topic, we are going to revise several past tenses: the Past Simple, the Present Perfect Simple, the Present Perfect Continuous and the Past Perfect. We are going to revise their form and the basic differences among them. Then we are also going to see some modal verbs such as 'need', 'must' or 'have to'.

After the verb revision, we are going to learn what 'collocations' are and we are going to see some examples. Finally, we are dealing with the passive voice in English.

In this topic you are only going to identify these structures, so it is very easy. Let's start!

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Paco's plane has just taken off the airport in Johannesburg and is on the way to Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone. Behind are his adventures in South Africa. He visited the Apartheid Museum a couple of days ago and it was much harder than he had imagined. This left Paco a bit thoughtful and sad but, at the same time, relieved that this situation with black people was over.

Again, he had to take a plane in order to get to a new country. He has no other option if he wants to travel across Africa. When he booked the flight, he remembered the businessman on the plane to Johannesburg and his advice of having a nap before landing. Paco thought he needed to overcome his "problem" and, little by little, he thinks he will. He's also reading the book this man recommended and it is being very helpful.

Paco has been thinking about all his travelling adventures: he had never travelled abroad before and, since he left Spain, he has already been to three continents. He has visited the British Isles in Europe, the USA and Canada in North America, and now he is travelling across Africa. He hasn't been to Asia yet but he thinks it must be really interesting too.

Fortunately, English is the official language of Sierra Leone. Therefore, although Krio is the national language, English is spoken at schools, and it is used by the media and the government administration. Paco won't have any problems with the language. That's for sure! So far in his travellings, he has realized that you can go anywhere if you speak a bit of English.

By AlexCovarrubias, public domain

In the text, there are examples of different verb tenses. We are going to study some of them in this topic. Find examples of Past Simple, Present Perfect Simple, Present Perfect Continuous and Past Perfect. Find also an example of the modal verb 'need', another example of 'have to' in the past, and finally an example of passive sentence.

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Read the text again and decide if the following statements are true or false:

1. Paco is already in Sierra Leone.

By atomicshark, C. Commons

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2. Freetown is the capital city of Sierra Leone.

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3. Paco regrets having booked the flight.

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4. Paco is looking forward to visiting Asia.

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5. People in Sierra Leone don't speak English.

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This was just an overview of the points we are dealing with in this topic. Remember in topic 1 you only have to identify the structures. In the next section, you will start revising two past tenses: the Past Simple and the Present Perfect. It's easy! Let's start!