Paco visits Ireland: On the way to Dublin




Welcome to a new unit! In unit 6 we are going to learn the different ways to express the future in English: 'will', 'going to' or how to express future with present tenses. We will also pay attention to the modal verb 'would', and later on, we will study the first and the second conditionals.

In this topic, we will only learn to identify all these forms. It's very easy! Let's start!

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Self-Assessment activity
How much do you know about Ireland?

Decide if the following statements are true or false. Don't worry if the answers are not correct. You will learn this and much more through this unit.

1. Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.

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2. The currency of Northern Ireland is the pound.

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3. Northern Ireland is not part of the UK.

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4. James Joyce was a famous Dubliner.

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5. The members of the music band U2 are from Dublin.

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In the next section, we are going to start with some future forms. Let's go!