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In this topic we are going to see, first of all, defining relative clauses, focusing on the relative pronouns 'who', 'that' and 'which'. Then, we are also going to learn about compound nouns and we are going to see some examples. Finally, we are going to study an English diphthong: the sound /ʊə/.

Concerning vocabulary, we are going to see words related to animals.

Let's begin!

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Remember, once again, when you need to know the pronunciation of any word or you would like to practice some English words or phrases, write them under our robot Mike and he will be delighted to help you.

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Let's start our topic with a song! This is a song called House We Used To Live In, by The Smithereens, where you can find some examples of the relative clauses we are going to study in this topic.

On the click here button you can have a look at the lyrics. What examples of relative clauses/pronouns can you identify?