Paco visits Canada and the USA: In Toronto


In this topic we are learning a lot about modal verbs. We need to distinguish modal verbs from auxiliary verbs. We are learning about how to use them and then we are going to focus on their uses. A modal verb can have more than one meaning, and several modal verbs can have the same meaning.

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Paco is still in the province of Ontario but he has already left Ottawa and has travelled to Toronto, where he is going to stay for a few days. It is a very touristic region, especially for people from the United States.

What is Paco going to do in this city? We don't know yet but here are some possibilities:

  • He could visit the area called Yorkville, full of restaurants, galleries and shops.
  • He may go for a walk around Toronto's Queen's Quay.
  • Or he might experience the main tourist attraction in Canada: the Niagara Falls.

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What modal verbs can you find in this text?

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