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The previous topics have dealt with the revision of two present tenses already seen in the unit 1: the Simple Present and the Present Continuous, together with the two tenses of this unit 2, that is to say, the Simple Past and the Past Continuous. But the main grammar point in this topic is about prepositional phrases.
Although the term prepositional phrase is used here, some grammarians prefer the term compound preposition.


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1) A prepositional phrase begins with a preposition and ends with a noun.
2) You can't use an object pronoun after a preposition.
3) There is no any prepositional phrase in the sentence You can learn English at school.
4) There are three prepositional phrases in the sentence They live in the building across the street on the fourth floor.

Watch this video about prepositional phrases and decide if the previous statements are true or false.

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A distinction between a preposition and a prepositional phrase
A prepositional phrase is made up of the preposition, its object and any associated adjectives or adverbs. A prepositional phrase can function as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb:
According to my teacher, Maths is not a difficult subject.
My little sister works hard at school.
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Once in a blue moon

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Well, it occurred in July 2004, when there was a full moon on July 2nd and on July 31st. The second one is called "blue moon".

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