Paco's dream comes true: Paco was visiting the city of Brighton when ...

In this topic we are going through the Past Continuous Tense in affirmative and negative.
We are also going to study Past Simple uses versus Past Continuous uses.
As for pronunciation, we will study the final -ed ending before a dental consonant (d, t) which is pronounced /id/.
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Click on the photograph and listen to this song :All Good Things (Come To An End) by Nelly Furtado. There are some Past Continuous forms in the song. Can you identify them?

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Remember that not all the verbs can be used with continuous tenses.

Do you remember that in unit 1 we studied the difference between Stative and Dynamic verbs? Well, here this distinction is valid as well. Remember that stative verbs are rarely used in continuous tenses. They can be divided into some small groups. If you are interested in refreshing, click below.

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Brighton is a town in the city of Brighton and Hove (formed from the towns of Brighton, Hove, Portslade and several other villages) in East Sussex on the south coast of Great Britain. For administrative purposes, Brighton and Hove is not part of the non-metropolitan county of East Sussex, but remains part of the ceremonial county of East Sussex.

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The ancient settlement of Brighthelmston dates from before Domesday Book (1086), but it emerged as a health resort during the 18th Century and became a destination for day-trippers after the arrival of the railway in 1841. Brighton experienced rapid population growth reaching a peak of over 160,000 by 1961. Modern Brighton forms part of a conurbation stretching along the coast, with a population of around 480,000.

Eight million tourists a year visit Brighton. The town also has a substantial business conference industry regularly hosting the Labour Party, Conservative Party and Trade Union annual Conferences. Brighton has two universities and a medical school.

From Wikipedia.

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Remember that, whenever you want to know the pronunciation of any word or phrase, or if you want to practice pronunciation, you can write something under Alice and she will pronounce it for you!

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Click here for a brief explanation about the Past Continuous and lots of examples. Now, you can have a look at this video presentation about the tense for further practice.