Paco: Paco is wearing a new suit

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In this topic, we will study another easy English tense, the Present Continuous or Progressive. After knowing and practising its form and main uses, we will compare it with the Present Simple. We will also see how some Spanish actions are normally said in Presente de Indicativo whereas in English we need the Present Continuous, since we refer to actions that are occurring at the moment of speaking. Finally, we will remember how to pronounce the third person singular -s of the Present Simple tense.

Icono IDevice Present Continuous

Paco is wearing a new suit

Paco needs a new suit
By Ludovic Bertron. Creative Commons 2.0

Paco loves wearing informal clothes. But he has to abandon his usual leisure wear for one day, because today is a special day. He has an appointment with a General Manager of an important bank. He intends to deposit his money in the most suitable one. In these cases, the personal image is quite relevant. So he decides to go shopping and buy a new suit. His sister Sonia and his mother go with him.

They are having a look in a shop. Sonia is helping her brother to choose a nice suit. She is looking for vivid colours and modern clothes. However, Paco's mother is taking formal suits for him.

Paco isn't enjoying a lot with this. In fact, he is suffering too much because he doesn't like going shopping. In spite of that, they are having a good time.

Can you recognize the verbs in the present continuous (or present progressive) tense?

Say if the following sentences are true or false.
By Trey Ratcliff. C. Commons

Paco is keen on formal clothes.

Verdadero Falso

Paco is meeting a General Manager of a bank.

Verdadero Falso

Paco's mother likes informal clothes.

Verdadero Falso

Paco is fond of going shopping.

Verdadero Falso
Icono IDevice Further Knowledge
  • Remember to use the robot whenever you doubt how to pronounce a word.

Have you noticed how the Present Continuous or Progressive Tense is formed in English? Let's study it in detail!