Paco: Paco always does the lottery

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Apart from his family, Paco has got a lot of friends. They like football and they usually play it at weekends but they don't like doing the lottery every week, so Paco always does it on his own.

Fortunately, Paco doesn't have to share the lottery prize with anybody else. He doesn't really know what to do with this huge amount of money. He knows well his own likes, hobbies and interests and, above all, he is completely sure that he wants to make a tour round the world: he extremely loves travelling.

Paco and his father fishing
By John. C. Commons

Paco enjoys going to the cinema with his friends. Action and mystery movies are his favourite ones. He also likes playing tennis and basketball at weekends. But his most enjoyable hobby is fishing. Paco is very good at it. He loves going fishing with his father. Both of them always practise catch and release fishing, that is to say, they don't take the fish home, they return the fish to the water. That is why he doesn't like hunting at all, because you kill animals.

Now Paco has the opportunity to buy a great fishing rod for his father. In fact, Paco can give him a motorboat. The whole family can go fishing to any reservoir around Cáceres with it.

Read the text about Paco's personal information carefully. If you need help, have a look at Click here.

According to the text, are the following sentences true or false?

By Jeffrey Errick. C. Commons

1. Paco's friends always do the lottery.

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2. Paco is keen on travelling.

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3. Paco's favourite hobby is playing basketball

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4. Paco likes cooking the fishes that his father and he fish.

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5. Paco prefers fishing to hunting.

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The following are five adverbs that you can find in the text, how many of them are adverbs of frequency?

fortunately - always - well - extremely - always

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Which sentences are in the third person singular? Have a look at the verb of the sentences, it will help you.

Life is really good
By Robert Formal. C. Commons
They usually play it at weekends.
Paco always does it on his own.
Both of them always practise catch and release fishing.

He knows well his own likes.
They don't take the fish home.
They return the fish to the water.

They don't like doing the lottery every week.
They like football.
He doesn't like hunting at all.

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Now we know Paco a bit better. We know something about his main hobbies and his likes or dislikes. However, let's see what he usually does everyday! To say that we use the Present Simple tense.